Happy birthday, daddy

Dear Daddy,

It's been two years since you left. I wonder how I have survived these two years without you. While I sleep, the same scene runs again and again over my mind, the night you left. How we tried to save you but all my efforts were futile. I have hated myself for not saving you. The harsh reality when the doctor showed the ECG with straight line. The more I try to forget what happened that night, the more it hurts. Even while you were sleeping, I wished you would wake up and hug. But it never happened.

I have written several letters to you in the past two years aware of the fact that you you are not going to read them nor it would reach you. But still your little girl has no one to share her secrets with, no one understood and supported her the way you did. In all the letters I wrote to you, I hope the God whom I still have faith(unfortunately) has been taking good care of you. I know how much you're missing mom and me. It's so hard staying away from the people you love! Your "Unconditional Love and affection" are protecting from all the evils. 

I still feel your presence around me. My Gaurdian Angel! I understand what you convey, your emotions and sentiments. 

It's your birthday this week and see already you have reminded me well in advance. But what do I gift you daddy? 


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